My comment was that if there were no clouds and as the author of the the work he felt clouds were needed to convey his thought that would be a way to do it. While Uelsmann's photography may not be everyone's taste if you get the chance to see actual images up close and personal you can't help but to be impressed with his printing skills. Remember he has been doing that well before Photoshop and personal computers became mainstream.

Photography is communicating a visual representation of an idea, a message or sharing a vision. Burning, dodging, split contrast printing, toning and whatever else one may do to make what they feel will best convey their art are all manipulations to the original capture. Creating an image with PS or Illustrator etc are just other mediums. Pencil sketches, charcoal, oils, watercolor etc each have their place and appreciation. Why get hung up on film or digital --- take each for just a different form of expression.