I am not trying to dump on you, but a B600 is a pretty fixed options but competent basic monochrome condenser enlarger.

Don't go looking for options it does not have.

I had one that I mostly used as a flashing light source before I sold it off to Shelly Anne, with some other gear to get her going as few years back.

I don't recall it had any option to swing the negative stage, and that is ususally the first 'advanced' option. I don't think it had any option to optimize the condenser settings to make it brighter for 35mm vs lighting all of the 2.25 square area.

I seem to recall mine only had a 35mm carrier.

I think a medium format line of neg carriers was available. I print all sorts of obscure formats from time to time, and tend to make my own carriers out of mounting and matte board and glue and tape. If a carrier thus made starts to were out I know it is time to seek a commercially made variant.

I hope this helps.