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Thank you all very much.
When I say I am on a budget I mean I don't wish to spend more than $200-300 at this moment. I've already stretched my hobby budget by getting some lenses for my Canon F-1 and some darkroom equipment.

I like the idea of getting a TLR, probably some Yashica. I still need to read about other makes and models you recommended. I am not a big fan of getting a Pentax - they look to me like some over-sized 35mm cameras and I would prefer waist-level finder.

Also the square format of 6x6 appeals to me for some unexplainable subjective reason.
Since you said you would like interchangeable lenses then you are the perfect candidate form a Mamiya C33 or C330. I have used these cameras in the past and they are great. The C330 I had even allowed 1:1 close-up macro work with parallax correction to boot. These were/are truly professional cameras. I don't have one anymore, but it's not because they aren't any good that's for sure. I have my deceased brother-in-laws like new Yashica 124G and while it's a nice camera and excellent in the optics department it can't hold a candle to a nice C330. The nice thing about the Mamiya cameras is that they fit your budget. Do look into them very closely. Have fun! JohnW