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Not true, Ian, for print reducer. This 'unblinking eye' site (upper right of page) shows the reducer for prints: http://unblinkingeye.com/Articles/De.../formulas.html

But, Ian, the negative reducer is as you state: no bromide. I wonder why the difference? - David Lyga

And Rudeofus: 'trivial availability' has to be conquered but once in one's lifetime: a bit of benzotriazole goes far and can be kept permanently in powder form if airtight. - David Lyga
Farmer's Reducer has never had Bromide in the official formula, and it's been sold by many companies. Agfa Ansco (GAF) 310 (which I listed above), Kodak R-4a and R-4b, and Ilford IR-1 are all named as Farmer's Reducer and essentially just slight variations in terms of concentration but only use Ferricyanide and Sodium Thiosulphate.

So there's a mistake on that website.