Be ready to suffer thru some of the most frustrating times, going around and around and around while trying to find parking spaces on the street.
Be ready to suffer thru some of the most expensive times, parking both on city streets and in public and private lots and garages.
And be ready to suffer

•Parts of San Francisco have meters which need $2 per hour, and need to be fed hour after hour or high risk of a parking ticket.
•In some places, 'demand based' parking fees at meters can result in $6 per hour meter rates.
•If you arrive before 8am, the meters will SEEM to be dead and therefore seem to be 'free'; but if you park there and fortunately come back at 8am, they will suddenly have woken if you park at 730am and the meter reader comes at 8:15am and you failed to feed the meter at 8:01am, you will have a parking ticket!
•If you park on the street at certain locations, you need to have a local resident parking sticker, or you will receive a parking ticket after 2 hours.
•If you park on the street at certain locations, you might end up with a parking ticket because that side of the street is supposed to be clear on that day in order for street sweeping!
•Certain streets become tow-away zones at peak commute hours.

Take public transit to the popular spots, you'll thank me for saving you money and aggravation! You'll spend $5 merely on bridge toll and another $4 in gas, driving in on congested bridge and highways and around and around finding a parking place. And then feeding the lot or the meter quarters. $25 for three hours in a lot is not unheard of. Or, BART or AC Transit buses into SF from Oakland, and Muni buses and underground streetcars around SF.

Look into a Muni Passport, $27 for 7 days; buy at Passport vendors (listed on line). Or $69 CityPass also gets Muni access and you get into five different attractions. Buy on line.