I feel a bit overwhelmed. Having read all your suggestions and advice I think I will try to limit my preferences:

-I prefer either 6x6 or 645, with more preference for the square format of 6x6. My enlarger came with a 6x6 negative carrier and a 75mm lens, so I am ready.

-interchangeable lenses would be nice, but it is not that important, I think I will eventually get two medium format cameras - one with a fixed lens and another one with interchangeable lenses.

- my preferred style would be either TLR or a SLR with a waist level finder at the moment. Some rangefinders look lovely, but I want to depart from my 35mm/DSLR habits.

-I would prefer a model that is relatively easy and cheap to fix by a specialist. My own mechanical skills are limited and although I'd like to learn a bit about cleaning and fixing cameras, I am not gonna do it now.

-I have a Gossen Luna Pro light meter, so the camera does not have to have its own meter.