I've been working out the cost of mixing my own 130 from bulk chemicals to see if I could get it down near the cost of Dektol. Ordering larger quantities of the chemicals from artcraftchemicals.com, it looks like 130 would come in at around $4/lt of stock--a lot better than the $13.25/lt the Formulary charges, but still a lot more than Dektol's ~$1.50/lt., especially considering the latter is generally used at 1+2 instead of 130's 1+1.

I notice, however, that the formulas for D-72 and 130 are very similar except for the addition of glycin in the 130:

To make 1 lt. stock:

D-72 Ansco 130
Metol 3g 2.2g
Sodium Sulfite 45g 50g
Hydroquinone 12g 11g
Sodium carbonate (mono) 80g 78g
Potassium bromide (anhy) 2g 5.5g
Glycin 11g

Is it possible to mix dektol stock and add the additional potassium bromide and glycin? How practically significant are the variations in the other chemicals? 11g of glycin costs around $0.11, so this would bring the total cost per liter down to well under $2.