Well, I went and did it. I don't think it was just GAS. After 3 years of watching, I'm kind of stunned about the whole thing and wondering what I've gotten myself into. My wife thinks I'm crazy and wonders what's so damned special about it. But the first time the craigslist picture popped up, I was hooked.

It's a Cambo Legend 4x5. I was looking more toward a Graflex View II, but this is several decades newer, a beautiful piece of engineering, precise, heavier, more sophisticated. Without the cachet for collectors, the price wasn't all that much more for a lot more functionality. Now the search starts for all the special things large format requires. Holders, heavy duty tripod and head, development tank or maybe a mod54? This will also have an influence on the darkroom plans. It's all pretty intimidating.

First off, a lens and shutter. I'm thinking to start with an older and cheaper 150, just to learn and find direction. Any suggestions?