Either a 150 or a 210 would make a good starter lens for a studio camera - the 210 will have more coverage, which is useful especially if you're going to be doing any amount of still life or other work requiring extensive movements (macro, product photography, etc). If you are staying in the studio, get a big, beefy (and therefore cheap) tripod, like a Majestic. You won't want to move it far at all, but by the same token, it won't move when you don't want it to either. If you're going out in the field with it, get a good aluminum tripod like a Gitzo 4 series or Manfrotto that will stay stable without killing you weight wise. Get a pan-tilt head to start with, rather than a ball head, as you'll want something that won't pitch forward dramatically when you loosen the tension (especially since you have a monorail which has the tendency to become unbalanced).