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Just a note to tell Group 1:
Rachelle ,Andrew and Alan that my prints are done and going in the post tomorrow.
Best Regards,
Steve B
Steve thanks I received your lovely print "Down by the Jetty" today. It's a lovely moody photo which, for me, juxtaposes material decay with a spirit of hope. The building is run-down and moldy, as you note; yet the man appears to be looking out to the misty river with expectation, not despair. He stands erect and his clean white shirt evokes pride, not surrender to the decay which surrounds him. The boat appears to be in good condition, and is perhaps a passenger ferry or tour boat with which he earns his living. The tonality supports this interpretation, ranging from high key in the river, with just sufficient definition to give a tantalizing glimpse of the opposite bank, to the darker, brooding foreground. The toning gives it a vintage look; my wife commented that it should be accompanied by Ella Fitzgerald's rendition of "Summertime". All in all a most memorable print, enhanced by the detailed description of your process that accompanied it - thank you!

I have to admit that I have not yet made my prints. However I have a week's leave coming up over Easter and promise to spend a couple of days in the darkroom and get them out.