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One of the changes with Endura was the increase in magenta but it's only 15 on the dial. I don't think you should be normally maxing out the magenta on your enlarger. Not for a normal negative.

Kodak last time I checked still provided starting filter settings on the box. But it's just a start. Main thing is to compare it with the last batch of paper. So you can adjust and hopefully have a little less testing to do.

IIRC Kodak claims 24 hours for the latent image between exposure and processing with Endura. Less with Supra but still it shouldn't be an issue for normal processing. I'd be very suprised if the Fuji paper couldn't handle a 10 minute wait.
Thanks for comments. I was able to get to the Kodak tech details which are helpfully provided on the Silverprint( photographic supplier) site and that confirmed what you said and gave a suggested starting M and Y setting which was close to what I had settled on when changing to Supra Endura. The Fuji paper details are nothing like as good.

I had also over calibrated the magenta and now even Supra leaves the M dial on the analyser a few marks short of max.

However other than on the Kodak technical details paper there is definitely no individual reference to a setting on the particular box of paper. Maybe the standard start setting is close enough and the individual boxes do not vary enough to warrant listing changes. Maybe the quality control these days is such that each box is for all practical purposes identical to every other box.