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how wuz the camera show ?
Camera show was decent. Walked away with a Polaroid 545i back for my Speed Graphic, some Rollei IR film (120) and Retro 80s (35mm), five rolls Pan F+ in 120, 50 sheets of 4x5 RDPIII (2005 Cold Expired), 125mL of Rodinal (the original stuff, unopened), and two boxes of Polaroid 690 (2009 expired, so pretty fresh). A good haul.

And yes, I've been wanting to do another analog walk here in Ontario last year, but never got around to getting an idea together. I'm going to speak to my boss (Mr. Raso) at the FPP Meet in Findlay next month, see about getting it promoted on the podcast. I'm also going to reach out to the Lomography store for promotion there as well, maybe get some hookups. (No Guarantee)