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The original post said nothing about the kind of finder. When someone says Nikon F2, I instantly think of the DP-1 finder. Heck, I was a camera store salesman for much of the 1970's. I know these machines like the back of my hand. As for the LED finders, I don't think too much of them. LED's burn out and then you've got nothing. Meter movements work forever. The weakest link of all of course is the meter cells, and secondly the resistor bands get worn and cause drop-outs. A pretty F2 with a DP1 is one of the gorgeous sights of this world, except when it's dark above your head. I got rid of all that and stick with the Nikkormat FT2. It's all anyone will ever need in a 35. Unless you have a Mamiya/Sekor 1000DTL, with both meters working.
I thought I just wanted the top of the line and really gained nothing by opting for the F2AS instead of the F2A. But now I have seen many of the F2A that have problems with the meter movement while the F2AS don't seem to have dead LED. But to correct my previous post. I had the F2AS and a plain prism. The camera was stolen in 1984 and I gave away the plain prism in 1986.