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for my 5x7 pinhole I use a change bag. I sit on the ground and put the camera and two paper envelopes in the bag and get the exposed sheet into the exposed envelope and a new sheet into the camera... takes about 3-4 minutes! I stuck some tape with a flap poking out onto one envelope to indicate the exposed one. For my 8x10 pinhole, I use it one shot... have to take it back to the darkroom to empty and reload.
For my 120 pinhole, I just advance the film! For my 4x5, I use a Speed Graphic with a pinhole replacing the lens. Those I use film holders for. And for my 18x24 I will be building soon, I will probably take it back to the darkroom as my daughters do with their paint can cameras. Matter of fact, I might get an empty gallon paint can for that camera.

tim in san jose