I use a D3 enlarger. It's very similar to the D4. To use a 135mm lens you will need a shorter lens cone. I measured the one I use for 135mm and it is 4" high. The 5 1/4" cone will only work with a 150mm lens.
The 2 3/4" cone that you have is for a 105mm - I think.
The focus track should say on it what kind of lens it is for. My 150mm track says that it is for a Rodenstock Rodagon. It works with other 150mm lens, but it works best with that particular lens.
If you get yourself a 4" cone, you can use your 135mm lens with the 150mm track. It will work near the bottom of the track and once you raise it past the curve.
The best thing to do is to get yourself a good 150mm lens since you already have the other parts.