"There are plenty who make cheap crap, but there are still quality artisans abound. "
True, but I see so many rebranded items with slight variations in electronics on eBay, that it's obvious that there are not a lot of factories out there supplying us through eBay.So I did have my suspicions they possibly were being made in the same location with similar effort towards quality. Heh.

"Is the seller of the Guohuo going to accept a return on the "Holga back"? "

He certainly did. He refunded my money back without question, and gave me extra money to cover the shipping back to him. ecbuyonline2008

He / they were such a pleasure to deal with, I bought the DaYi from him. I think I will also be getting a 6x12 viewfinder off of him for my speed graphic. I think I may want to use this hand-held some times.