haha, ironically of the 3 days I was ever in Seattle 2 of them had beautiful blue skies both afternoons with rain only at night and in the morning before I got up. but it was the people... I took the busses and trains everywhere... who knows when I'll ever use my orca card again... lol, the people were just.. like zombies... I think they were the brain washed bunch... man... it's the social welfare system, they get all ... they don't struggle at all to live even when jobless so they just become apathetic and lost, it was just all so depressing, not the weather, the people... when I hit colorado, I literally started crying as I drove my rental car and saw the stretched out scenery and an interaction with people who cared, it was the strangest experience, I don't really cry for anything, but I cried for joy to be out of seattle haha. Just my experience of course... even LA wasn't as bad as Seattle for me... heck, if they didn't have amazing coffee and chocolates, I might have tried to off myself, it was that depressing.... and that was just 3 days... not even it was 2 whole days and 2 half days... so the two whole days I was there it was sunny, and still depressing...see ... blue skies... K64-Epson-SeattleExperienceMP.jpg