A black Olympus om4t, my first one in this color! Got it used, everything was ok besides a broken led illuminator light and a really stiff shutter speed ring. I cleaned up a bit of green gunk under the lens mount and shutter speed ring and decided to replace the the worn and scratched lens mount, internally worn shutter speed ring(worn from the ball bearing click stops over time), and the toothed ring(which is what attaches to the shutter speed ring and is what actually adjusts the gear on the bottom of the mirror box to change the shutter speed) all from a parts body I've been using up. I didn't attempt the illuminator light swap as my parts body has messed up circuits and my electronics skills are not the best. It will have to do for now, an i will use another body if I will be expecting to need it. Test roll of 400 speed film seems to have been fine and is hanging to dry now. Has anyone done the illuminator light fix?