hi nicholai

you are exactly right !
i didn't want to make under exposed film
that when i turn sideways it looks like a reversed image

i posted this thread because i originally was trying to learn if it was
possible to use conventional materials to make an ambrotype / tintype sort of image.
now ... i realize it is possible, but it requires special chemistry that is proprietary
and currently sold by rockland colloid with their tintype kit.

throughout the beginning of the 1900s there were street photographers and itinerant tintypists
who used silver gelatin emulsion and this same sort of chemistry to make on-the-spot photos ...
much like this guy does ( in india ) http://articles.latimes.com/2009/sep...india-lowtech2
... but its a single step instead of making a contact print ...

( i'd make wet plates in a heartbeat but in a former life i used collodion quite a bit and would rather not be exposed to it ... )