I have had the metal 5x7 for about three years, and I think it is a fine camera. No, it does not have geared movements (except front and rear focus, of course), but in all other respects is a fantastic light camera. It is highly backpackable, and will accept the new 6x17 roll film back if you want to do some panoramic chromes. Keith Canham is an absolute pleasure to deal with. In fact, I just got off of the phone with him a few moments ago. He never overpromises on delivery times, and he will always fix any problems very quickly. He doesn't use email too much, mostly because he is busy building cameras, I suspect. I would recommend giving him a phone call if you have any questions, or contact one of his dealers such as Fred Newman or Dennis Kibbe at www.viewcamerastore.com who have a more active 'web presence'. I am sure Fred would be glad to send you a brochure if you emailed him.