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I keep thinking someone should be able to make a hypergon-clone at a reasonable cost. It's only two elements. Surely there's a suitable optical plastic that could be easily molded.
thats exactly what I was thinking! (re. the hypergon) -
this lens particularly excited me as it had an almost similar system i was thinking of for a centre ND filter - I was thinking a rotating disk with slots in it - rotating around an axis in the centre of the lens for centre ND falloff correction or off axis for general ND - if you made a big one and placed it near the focal plane - the slots would be big enough to make adjustable -

Of course tho like all good and bad ideas its prob been done 80 years ago or something -

Anyways, I want to make a 8x10 - the lens, shutter and holder systems were the ones I thought I would have trouble with, but upon purchasing a holder and looking a few systems, this is easy to make -

shutters not sure yet, need to pull a few apart and get my head around them (lens cap, long expsosure in the meantime) -

but wouldn't be great to have made a full 8x10 from scratch - including the lens (grin)

Once exams are over here (I'm an architecture drop out now engineering student soon to be a arch student (again) engineering drop out) I'm going to put my nose to the grindstone and do it! (the extra hard way)


(prob have some more questions once I get going - thanks for the replies!)