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Trust me, do 6x6. It is a different way to look at the world. Mamiya C220 is a bit lighter than the C330, but takes the same lenses. People talk about the Mamiyas being heavy, but I defy anyone to find a lighter 3 lens kit....especially since you can get away with a really light tripod (never tilt to the side, short, leaf shutter and no mirror). I don't think you could do better for the price.
I agree with you 100% and I don't even own one anymore. KEH has a couple of nice C220's for a good price and the big auction site does too. I have a friend who has many more cameras than I do and I have tooooo many, but he still hangs onto his lovely C220 and prefers it to the C330. Me, I like the cocking on advance of the C33/C330 over manually cocking of the C220. But like my friend says, "Less to go wrong and lighter"! A lot of "bang for the buck" in a TLR Mamiya that's for sure. OMG I sound like a Mamiya sales rep! JohnW