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We are all entitled to our opinions. I never owned a Nikkormat but had the opportunity to use the Nikkormat FTN on the job. I, however, preferred to use my own F2 bodies for the following reasons:

1. I needed the F2 interchangeable viewfinders
2. I needed the F2 interchangeable view screens
3. I needed the F2 100% viewfinder coverage
4. I needed the F2 motor drives
5. Did not like to location of the FTN shutter speed control
6. The F2 felt better in my hands.

I have a Nikkormat Ftn, and a Nikon F/Ftn and eyelevel prisms. I do a certain amount of macro work, and that's why I bought the metered finder for the F. Years later, I was given a nice Nikkormat Ftn which has a more convenient MLU, a less convenient shutter speed dial, an almost identical (built in) meter, and lacks interchangeable screens. The 100% viewfinder of the F is very useful for me as well.

So each camera has it's advantages, which is better depends on the use it's put to.