Certain raw materials are hostage to poliltical complications between various countries, some are essentially commodities which are being unfairly gamed to make middlemen obscenely rich at the expense of the both the public and economic common sense. Petrochemicals fall into both categories.
But at least here in the US, overall inflation of mfg goods was exceptionally stable for about a decade.
China is a very different scenario because of a very different internal economic model, as well as its
mushrooming growth. Film is a pretty small player in all of this and is probably just now reaching an
inevitable economic equilbrium in the face of reduced demand. It you can't afford that fact, just don't
waste as many shots. I'd prefer we all waste a lot of shots, so the demand for film would stay healthy.
But I shoot 8x10 and am not exactly rich, so if it's not worth actually printing, I won't trip the shutter.