The thing to realize is all sellers always charge the most they can for an item. If you need batteries for your flashlight you can get them at the corner store for $2 or drive across town to the Big Box Store and get them for $1.50. The Big Store charges less because they have to. Nobody would drive across town to pay the same money as price as they can get at the corner store.

Film sellers TOTAL profit is the profit per unit sold times the numbers of units sold. If the price per unit gets too high than sales will drop too much and TOTAL profit declines.

One way to get around this problem for sellers is to up the price but also run sales. If you can afford to buy for a high price you will and they will earn a high unit profit. During the sales they will pick up buyers who will not pay the high price (more sales at a lower price).

Rather than complain about the high price perhaps you should lobby for film promotions and sales. This may also get more people shooting.