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Drumlin, your links mix 3 different types of C41: LORR, RA, and SM. I'd stick to one type for everything. THe normal C41 is what I would use, avoiding the above 3 types. For uniquephoto links, this is what you want:


you also need Kodak C41 developer starter, which they don't carry. Available from Adorama:

Note: unique is probably not the cheapest place to get this stuff, and some places carry it in smaller amounts (particularly the bleach). Also, shop around as some places charge hazmat shipping to ship this stuff, and some don't.

Ed, what type is this you're suggesting? RA, LORR or SM? Also, what's the second item? The Stab/Replenisher? I only knew you needed developer, bleach, fix, and stabilizer. Is that the stabilizer?

Also, if not unique, where would you get the chemistry? What places are the most affordable?