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Well, I went and did it. I don't think it was just GAS. After 3 years of watching, I'm kind of stunned about the whole thing and wondering what I've gotten myself into. My wife thinks I'm crazy and wonders what's so damned special about it.
It's actually hard to go wrong with a large format lens. These have to be really bad to produce a bad image on the film. All of the top names are good, and you can get them for not too much money. Nikon, Fuji, Calumet, Schneider, Rodenstock, they're all excellent.

What's so special about it? I just got back some Fuji 64T E6 from Praus, and yesterday went around with a little light box, a magnifier, and a loupe. The scene is out the company kitchen window, where there is a spotting scope. Using the scope you can see all kinds of things. Looking at the slide with the loupe, it's like looking at things with the scope. Everybody was agog looking at all of the detail. The branches on the Queen Anne hill ridge were distinct, you could nearly see the stars on a flag on the Space Needle, lots of stuff like that. One fellow commented that after seeing that slide, he just didn't understand why people made all the fuss over digital cameras. His thought was, if you could get that kind of detail with film, why bother with digital? Was the color better? No, I replied, the color is worse. Digital just gives results faster.

So you want to give people a sense of wonder about what you do? Shoot some large format E6. That's a real eye-opener.