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I still think if there was some advertising, film would sell. Think about it--people can be advertised into buying ANYTHING. Look at some of the pure-T crap that is sold in the TV commercials. "Just pay separate processing"--how many times have you heard that? And they eat it up like candy. Look at Washington DC. If THAT doesn't prove people can be suckered into buying a load of goods, I don't know what does.
The base problem with using film these days is that people have to be creative to use it. The average person is not creative or even inquisitive. Thus, it's a bit of an uphill battle just to get them off the couch. There is no Twitter or whatever for film cameras. The only time I've seen an advertisement was for some old stock of point & shoots with prepaid mailers, and the advertisement was aimed at retirees, not cool hipsters.

The best advertising for film is what I did yesterday when I showed a 4x5 slide to some coworkers. Bug eyes and dropped jaws all around.