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I don't do my own developing, so roll film will make it much easier to use. It's an even more basic design than the Hawkeye, and the simplicity means it is easy to eliminate the vignetting issues. The fact that it's 6x9 instead of 6x6 is a nice bonus.

I bet it was the first camera for a lot of people, and they probably recorded countless moments in a fascinating period in American history. It may be a simple camera, and a relatively old one (produced from 1941-51, according to what I've read), but it seems perfect for what I intend to do with it.
Yes, my first personally owned camera was a Brownie Target Six-20, but not a flash model. I believe I got it around 1950 +/- a year or two, when I was about 9 or 10 -- probably to keep me away from a folding Kodak my parents had!

And hey, it still works! (So I have no plans to convert it to pinhole.)