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Measuring by volume rather than weight is inaccurate as it depends on crystal size. It doesn't take that more more time to weight out the correct amount. For small amounts a square of paper works well to protect the pan on the scale. For larger amounts paper baking cups work well. Remember the tare weight of whatever you use.
Interestingly, it's possible to formulate a developer so that sloppy measurement of ascorbic acid makes little difference. An example is PC-Sulfite in this posting. For example, if AA is low, then having less secondary dev drops activity, but the rise in pH boosts activity, cancelling each other out, yielding about the same activity.

Regarding weighing, here's my sermon:
As Jerry said, measuring by weight is more accurate. Electronic scales with .1 or .01 g resolution cost only US$12-15 on amazon. That's the cost of just 3 rolls of film. So there's no excuse to not have one (or two). Search for "scale .1g" or "scale .01g".

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If you are talking about adding the Vitamin C to a previously mixed and stored, ready-to-go stock solution when preparing to develop film, then yes, as a single, last minute addition with a teaspoon would not be a hassle.
Yes, a last-minute addition for single-shot use is what I had in mind. Sorry that I didn't make that clear.

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