£350 , I can be contacted directly by email on 'gianvirdi@aol.com'

Pentax 6x7 with 105mm lens

- Original box
- Original straps

- Pentax Wooden Handle: There's an auxiliary wooden grip that makes it much easier to handhold. As an added bonus, the grip also provides a flash shoe bracket.

- Pentax quick focus handle
- Winter Battery Pack
- Tripod adaptor plate

- Body Cap

Really is in excellent condition camera, lens and accessories!

Any questions please do get in touch and viewings prior to the auction is recommended!!!

The battery ‘cover’ is missing, however the camera functions perfectly well without it. Just put batteries and tape it please see pictures below!

I much prefer pick up on the item purely because of the nature of the beast, however, p&p will probably be around £30-£40 due to insurance and the weight of the box with accessories and camera etc ....

Pentax 6x7 camera, MLU (mirror lock up) Body: The Pentax 6x7 is the one of best medium format field camera. Made of solid metal it is tank like crafted. One of the best landscape medium format cameras available. This camera is designed as a field camera, for handheld SLR convenience. 35mm-design, features and handling e.g. interchangeable bayonet-mount lenses, an electronically controlled shutter and instant return mirror

Pentax has a very wide range of 6x7 interchangeable lenses for it. Ranging from 35mm Fisheye and 45mm ultra-wide rectilinear to 1000mm tele. No other medium-format camera system has as wide a range of lenses. Most of the lenses feature super-multi coating one of the best in the industry. Unique dual (inner and outer) bayonet lens mounting system. Inner bayonet for 35mm-300mm lenses. Outer bayonet for 400-1000mm lenses. Outer bayonet offers greater stability for mounting longer, heavier lenses.
Pentax 6x7 cameras have been particularly popular with fashion and landscape photographers because of the large film size, absolutely flat film plane.

It comes complete with the metered prism not working and the fast 105mm f2.4 normal lens. This camera and 105mm lens shows normal wear for a 6x7. The glass is clean and scratch-free, the focus is smooth.

Electronically controlled focal plane shutter, shutter speed: 1 sec - 1/1000 plus B, and X sync at 1/30. For high speed flash synchronizing 1/500,two leaf shutter lenses available. Camera can be modified to not require batteries in bulb mode. Completely battery dependent camera and has no exposure meter built in body. It does not work without film.
The Hasselblad film size is 56mm x 56mm square. When you actually crop to print, a Hasselblad usable negative area is more like a 6x4.5 camera( like –Pentax 645 negative). With the much larger 6x7 frame (55mm x 70mm) means no cropping on printing paper 8x10/20x24, the Pentax has more film area and requires less print magnification than Hasselblad or any square format camera.

Reason for sale is: simply= lack of time to use

For more information please see this excellent website ... http://www.photoethnography.com/Clas...iPentax67.html

Pictures below: