So I ran across something unique to me this past couple of weeks.

I am enthralled with the solarization process as some may know and I have been printing a slew of new images, where I flash the negative and flash the positive.
So I am at the printing stage and moving along quite nicely with about three full days of printing.

I decide to tone sepia, selenium and Iron Blue, which I have had much success before.

This time I decided I wanted more browns in the highlights which meant more bleach time then sepia.. So two days of toning bleach sepia ,, then adding selenium... So far so good.
Now I do my usually blue toner for two minutes and then wash out the yellow stain to completion, this takes a complete day to do.

Well to my surprise no visible change, prints look like the prints with only sepia and selenium..

No blue .... What happened... I know the answer but would like to hear some responses .. this is a quiz and the answer is obvious . Hint .. I did add blue and even if I try again it will not work.