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Better to do an honest print. That's what photography IS. A library of clouds is cheating. Where do you draw the line? How about photoshopping in some clouds? How about not using a camera at all and just make up everything in Illustrator and photoshop? Seems like that's where everything is headed. Your print is a good one--it is honest, despite its flaws.
Cannot agree with this at all.! Sorry, but even the act of burning and dodging, bleaching, toning, unsharp masking is in some way altering the image. It has been practised since photography was invented and has a long and venerable history and the notion of an 'honest photograph' belongs squarely in police forensics. I would try the flashing method at first to see if you can get a decent sky out of it; if not, then try printing in a different sky. Try both methods and see which one you like! I've done it several times and 2 examples are in the gallery.