I know I probably asked you this in the past Ian so be kind, could you elaborate on how one does this.. I have seen some samples of Bob Carlos Clarke did and they were striking.

In my case I think that I am going to bleach the prints , to raise the highlights, then fix and wash as normal , then try the tri tone, with solarization(sabatier) I think the highlights are too close to the midtones and I need to separate them a bit.. The whole process of flashing during development basically forces all the tones to go to the mid points and this is a problem separating colours out.

Would a postassium ferri dilution work well for this??
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The order is critical beacuse once selenium toned it's harder to bleach the print for blue or any other toning.

I have done this but back in the late 1970's into the late 780's. My preferred blue toner was to use a dye coupler in a colour redeveloper, this was what the late Bob Carlos Clarke did for other colours as well, it's worth seeing his book Dark Summer. For some reason Tim Rudman didn't include Dye coupled toners in his books.