Heh. I feel your pain, pbromaghin.

Our very close friends (our kids went through school together and we vacation together) have invited us to their son's wedding this summer. They have told (well, asked, reallly, but in a way that wasn't really a request) me I am going to be the photographer. I have told them they really should consider hiring a professional. Really. Really. As in: it would be a much better idea, and we would all be much happier. No dice.

They're not going for it. I risk our friendship if I do not show up with camera. I think part of it is the money, but the other part is that their son is somewhat shy and does not want the photographer to be someone he doesn't know. So, I've been reading, will be checking out the venue, have purchased some stuff (a second identical strobe, flash bracket, extra batteries and cards) and will be there, doing my best. They have said that will be fine, they're not going to ask me for professional quality work, just something better than a collection of iPhone shots. My backup is an F3, because I don't have two D700s. My backup backup is a Canon S90. My loving wife has offered to help organize shots and carry gear.

Sometimes, you just can't say no. Wish me luck.