Ok who here does this , I would like to try .

From what I gather from Ians reply
I bleach after my first two toning steps that are sepia then selenium.
after bleaching I wash for 10min??
then develop in Alpha- napthol- where do I get this stuff , how do I mix it and dilution. , how long do I develop, do I stop and fix? , or do I just wash after the blue.

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Toning using colour couplers requires a normal rehalogenating bleach - ferricyanide and bromide, then after washing redevelopment in a colour developer with the relevant coupler added, for blue it's αlpha-napthol.

You can either leave the coupler dye plus the silver image or bleach the silver. Bob Carlos Clarke used Tetenal's dye coupler kits but they are easy to make up from scratch.