Umm... I just discovered I've a Manfrotto 3-way panhead (#3047).

It is completely unused, still in the box. I have no idea why I have it, lol. Either it was given to me by a relative, or I got it cheap many years ago with the intention of using it. Either way, I'd forgotten about it until I cleaned my closet today.

Obviously I need to put it to use. I have a couple tripods that were my grandfather's, he used them for 35mm. They are in good repair, but I don't know if this head needs something substantial, or if I can attach it to just anything that will accept it.

My main camera is a Sears KS-2 (rebranded Ricoh XR-7), but I recently made the mistake of purchasing a Bronica GS-1; a mistake because I feel compelled to purchase all sorts of accessories for it.

I can handle the basic function of this head, but are there any suggestions on how well these work, any quirks, and whether I need a decent/specific tripod?

Sorry, it is NOT for sale.