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My suggestions would be either to mix up the developer without the ascorbate and then weigh it just before use
use the two chelating agents mentioned and use only de-ionized water.
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What evidence is there that the phenidone and sulfite part of the developer would be long lasting?The question is based on an unproven assumption.
Alan and Jerry quickly perceived my evil plans.

In ascorbate developers, the ascorbate typically is destroyed first (by Mr. Fenton), so my idea is to add it separately. But as Alan points out, the sulfite and Phenidone might not last long either. PE has said that Dimezone S is more resistant to hydrolysis than Phenidone, and we know it lasts for over 6 months in capped bottles of XTOL. Sulfite is oxidized by air, changing it to useless sulfate, but my calculation of air-moles versus liquid-moles says this won't be a problem in typical usage. So maybe, just maybe sulfite+Dimezone will last long. Only testing will prove that, and I wanted to know if this add-C-separately idea appealed to people before doing that testing. Hence my posting.

jp498 suggested tablets. That's a good idea: Vitamin C pills are widely available in 250, 500 and 1000 mg sizes. That would solve the measurement problem. Hmmm...

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