I've got a B&J Watson 6x9 (2x3) press camera that isn't going to get the love/use that it deserves from me as I've got just plain too much stuff. <edit> I'm in 92116 San Diego, CA, USA and would like to keep this state-side for the next week or so. If no offers at that time, I'll expand the range.

Kit contains:
Watson camera
5x 2x3 sheet film holders/DDS
Graflex Roll Film Holder RH8 (last lever wind with extra rollers for film flatness, nominal 6x9)
Crown Graphic original equipment Trioptar 103/4.5, shutter is reasonably accurate
Kodak red filter to fit Trioptar
Slip on Pigeon branded hood (maybe OE on early Mamiya TLR?)

The good: I (non-destructively!!!) converted the back of the camera from a typical spring back setup to take the roll film back, it still works fine with the sheet film holders & ground glass panel and you can pick the camera up by the roll film back with no worries. Very secure and no light leak issues. Kalart rangefinder cleaned up nicely and shows motion in the double image. Viewfinder glass cleaned up nicely. Lens is clear and no fungus issues. Should be easy to make more lens boards (very similar design to Anniversary Graphics) if this focal length doesn't suit you. Natively does front tilt/front shift/front rise/fall in conjunction with drop bed. Still have hardware for spring back so you could go 95% back to stock, as I had to machine 1/8th deep on left side of back to clear the roll back

The bad: The viewfinder mask is broken in half, but a small piece of tape holds it together. I never got around to super gluing it, but I'm sure some kind of epoxy would solve it for good with no need for visible tape. The rangefinder lever coming down to the focusing bed has nothing on the front standard to interact with (no tab poking up to catch the lever and move it through it's range of motion). The bed folds up fine, drops fine, but the catch on the body does not keep it locked shut as it should. I messed around for a bit but gave up as I didn't want to break anything and wasn't sure if it was missing parts. Century shutter runs to 1/200. Leather handle has lived it's life, will need new one (I do have hardware).

Wanted in trade: Pentax 67 gear (working body, 2-3 parts bodies, 200 or 300/4), bricks of film, 4x5 film, Fuji Instax wide camera (got a ton of film cheap and need to process it in something after shooting it in my Speed).

If not that, shoot me offers of stuff that may relate to what I've got: Canon VT w/50/1.2, Pentax M42 system, Canon EOS system (40D, EOS 3, 35/2, 50/1.4, 100/2), basic Pentax 6x7 + Super Tak 105/2.4 + prism, Speed Graphic with 210 Tessar, 203 Ektar, 127 Ektar, Yashica + Rollei TLRs (paring these down too), some P&S, Polaroids.