The Duka Sodium safelights are safe with colour materials although you will need to do some trials with them to see how much light you can 'get away' with in your darkroom, and reflected light is also much better than direct light. It is also very important that they be allowed to fully warm up to get to the correct operating temperature which then provides the safest light. It is also important that you do not use them connected to your enlarger circuit that switches them off during an exposure or for focusing, this makes it a lot more difficult if you are using a colour analyser.

The LED safelights are typically designed to give a 590nm(ish) light and work very well with mono papers including multigrade. I have 2x Nova 5 Star units with 2x additional heads on each giving me six heads which are mounted at similar intervals around my 6ft x 7ft darkroom and aimed at the ceiling. At full power they do not fog my mono papers and I gave up testing after a 1/2 an hour exosure with max flashed paper did not show any fogging. I have not tried themfor colour yet as I have 2x Duka Sodium Units for that, although if I decide to use a colour analyser I may decide to try the LEDs instead. Their spiel suggests they should work.