If you want an extremely good pan/tilt head try the Gitzo G2270M / G2271M / G2272M heads. They only differ in the mounting plate. The 2272 has a quick release. 2271 has screw mounting. The 2270m has screw mounting plus a larger mounting plate so I would recommend this one if you want to use medium format also. They are extremely smooth and precise to operate thanks to fluid technology. I also had a Manfrotto 405 geared head but I preferred the Gitzo 2270M when borrowed from a friend. Very light also. Unfortunately it was a little bit too small for my SL66 so I ended up buying the G1570M. This one is rock solid, but very stiff to operate. I preferred the handling of the G2270M. I think it will suffice for light medium format up to a Hasselblad. The best 3 way head Ive ever used!