It's still a curve. Such things differ from one film to the next, and relative to the development regimen.
I've done analogous shots with 8X10 TMY looking out from very dark tunnels, with detail reproduced over a very long range indeed (and I'm not referring to minus or compensating development, where the
midtone tonality gets compressed). But one still has to understand at what threshold value the shadows will indeed be decently differentiated, and at what point the highlights will simply blow out relative to the given print media (which can be employed creatively, of course). But if one does plot such things on a densitometer, TMY does have a lot of range for the sake of practical photography, but not quite as much as a few other films I've tested, which aren't commercially available anymore. The
verstility and quality of TMY makes it my favorite "go to" 8x10 film, yet also my favorite 35mm snapshot product.