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after i did the first three tests with the stouffer 120 6x6 I got following results -> see pictures
the steps 30/31 and 1/2 are missing because the stouffer wedge was displaced in the hasselblad filmholder :-(

- why I have this "jump" on step 16 to 16 (other side of the step-wedge).
- what do you think about those results in general?
- should I have to repeat the whole process or should i go on with minute 13,4 and 19,5 ?

best michael
Hi michael,

Double-check your actual step wedge "calibration" densities.

I don't think the jump is that dramatic, but it's interesting.

When I drew a smooth dotted line between points, the "outlier" on the 9,75 curve was the point for Step 17.

I see your calibrated value for Step 17 is 1.60. The "outlier" "fell into line" when I changed that value to 1.61. So double-check, maybe your calibrated wedge is 1.61