Sorry to sound like a wiseguy, Ron ... but I'm really trying to relate the wonderful versatility of TMax if
one understands the curve characteristics. Right now (besides general shooting) I'm applying TMax to
color neg masking. This is radically different than good ole Ciba masking ala battleaxe and spike ball
sheer force, and way more fussy than garden-variety masking for black and white printing. It's like power steering - very delicate, and ideally requiring a straight line way to the bottom of the relevant
curve even under extremely low-contrast development. This characteristic becomes critical with multiple
generation masking work - and by golly, TMax can do the job a helluva lot better than the oft-lamented
long-lost late Pan Masking film ever could. And if it can do that, as well as provide very long scale
relatively high-contrast predictable separation negatives, for example, that's a remarkably versatile