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Can you give more details about these failures? Did the Dimezone S fail after mixing it water? Or was it while it was still a powder?

Mark Overton
In the powder form. I thought it was perhaps the large container that my first batch arrived in with too much air space (100g jars) and when it became suspect, I ordered fresh again and this batch was a darker color and very shortly showed the same behavior. When I ordered again, I had started playing with PG concoctions and was being told that a primary Dimezone S advantage was its stability once in solution and I drifted away, not needing another "variable" on the other things I was involved in then and PG concentrate based. I had been intrigued with Ryuji Suzuki's work which was what had me dealing with the Dimezone S in the first place. There was a bit of discussion among people testing his things back then about the color of their new supply, etc and concern over its storage behaviors. I just haven't gotten back to thinking about it until following your thread and progress here.

I found some go-to combos from that time that I've settled into but get the itch to try some things recently and thought your Xtol alternatives would be interesting, especially with you doing all of the work!