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I agree about the EI. If you want to shoot at ISO 200, get a film that is designed for it. Foma 200 is pretty nice film if you can get it, or you can shoot Tri-X at EI 200-250 if you adjust development accordingly.
I have to respectfully disagree. I normally shoot slide film, which has next to no exposure latitude (yes, I know this is a B&W forum). I wanted some 400 speed Provia (400X) to shoot my son's birthday party, and the local camera store, Creve Coeur Camera, didn't have any. I did the next best thing. Grabbed a roll of Provia 100F out of the fridge, wrote on the film cassette "Push 2 stops", loaded it in the camera and shot it at ISO 320. Took it to Creve Coeur Camera and told them to have the lab push 2 stops, and the pictures turned out just fine. I dare say they turned out comparable to shooting at box speed.