I'm going on a business trip to Manhattan in a few weeks, luckily this time I'll have a weekend off to do whatever I want. I'm staying at a hotel in the fashion district and want to take a camera along for some street photography.

I was thinking of taking my RZ67 with a 110mm and two backs, one with HP5 and the other with Portra 400 or my 4x5 Speed Graphic with a 135mm and 20 holders with HP5 and portra 400 as well. I don't care about the weight since I carry either camera when I go hiking anyway. It would be awesome to have some 4x5 negs of Manhattan, and I'd love the chance to use the crap out of the speed for a day, but its also nice to blast though 20 rolls of 120 and not care.

I can only fit one camera in my carry on, so bringing two is not an option. Any pros/cons? What would you do?