I always wanted the original wire dark cloth holder that came as original equipment with Calumet's 8 X 10 C1 camera. Seemed like a great idea. I bought a couple cameras, but never found an original C1 wire dark cloth holder. Finally after I made a couple, I bought one here. Same thing.

So I listed it for sale this week with a C1 camera, right here on APUG and LFF. I got a PM from a LFF member and he wants one. So I made another and yesterday I shipped a C1 camera with one replica and another one by it's self.

To make a long story short, I will be selling these until demand is satisfied.

Made by me, in my darkroom of stainless 304 steel.

$30 delivered CONUS only

It also fits 50's to 70's Linhof Kardan Color, front and rear frames for use as a lens shade or dark cloth holder.