I got the LPL 4550 about 8 hours ago, assembled it, aligned it, tested and it is now in my darkroom. It was pretty close right away even with the fact that the seller took the head off of the carriage instead of following the directions of taking the whole head assembly off of the column. After about 30 minutes of testing and shimming, it is pretty close to perfect at any height.

I took the head assembly apart and cleaned everything real good, including the fan which had some but not a lot of dust. I am still waiting on a 50mm lens board for my 150 Apo-N, but wow, even using my regular flavor 135 Rodagon the image looked perfectly sharp corner to corner and side to side....what a relief!

I took care of the light leaks that were no where *near* as bad as the 45MX with a glass carrier. I got my Stopclock hooked up, all seems good and I am really glad I made the move.