I'm currently working with Rollei Black magic VC on cotton canvas for a client, but I ran into some problems.

I did test the emulsion before promising a client that I could deliver a canvas of 100x80cm. I tested a canvas of 50x50cm, it worked fine.

I precoat the canvas with the pure gelatine solution from Rollei, let it dry for a day, coat with the RBM VC, let it dry for about 4 hours.

As I said the 50x50 worked fine, because I could put in a tray to develop.

Here comes my problem:

When I process the 100x80cm standing while pouring the developer on the canvas, the solution comes loose in quite large chuncks. I have to process standing because I don't have enough room to process it laying down in a tray.

Now I read, I should use the hardener solution, but I'm confused about a couple of things:

- Should I add the hardener to the gelatine and the emulsion, or only to the emulsion?
- The manual of Rollei says that when hardener is used, the emulsion should be used within 2 hours, but I know my canvasses aren't dry in 2 hours, because of the gelatine I can't use a hair dryer. So do I have to use the emulsion within 2 hours or just leave it longer
- Should I also add some hardener to the developer if I'm using ilford paper developer?

- Also what's the best tool to pour out the chemicals on the canvas, so that it doesn't damage the solution?

Thx a lot for answering my questions and I hope I don't have to go looking for a large tray to process the canvas, because I want to go even bigger than 100x80cm.